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Here at Flux Solutions – we are a team of well-experienced specialist in both waterproofing and general works for commercial and residential projects. We are always inspired to provide our clients with the best services ranging from waterproofing work, ceiling repair, toilet and water leakage repair.

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“To be the premier choice for all your building and home repairs.”

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We aim to always provide our clients with the most cost effective and lasting solutions which is up to their standards or even better exceeds their expectations without having to compromise with the quaity of the materials or products used whilst maintaining high level customer service and response time to give an excellent overall consumer experience.

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Waterproofing is extremely important especially for buildings in Singapore as the weather here is not only hot and humid but there is also a lot of rainfall. With this, it means that the water can seeps into your balcony and potentially cause water leakage to your neighbours.

High flats and condominiums are also highly advisable to have your properties waterproofed to prevent water from seeping into your own unit or from your unit to your neighbours.

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Water Leakage Repairs

Water leakages left undetected can cost you a hefty in the long run when it is left unfixed. Thus, it is important for you to conduct diagnosis regularly and have a water leakage repair on your leaking pipes right away when it is detected.

Here at Flux Solutions, we are utilising all the appropriate leak detectors to identify the source of the leak which is highly efficient as it enable us to target the right leaking area of a pipe and conduct replacement immediately.

All of the waterproofing specialist here are well trained and experience in identifying the root of the leakage issue and are able to conduct the water leakage repair effectively.

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Toilet Leakage Repairs

Our Water Leakage Repair Experts solve all kinds of water leakage problems. We cater to both residential and commercial customers. Water leakages from pipes, toilets, and even the ceilings of buildings contribute to a significant amount of water wastage.

Toilet leakage usually go unnoticed as they are often very subtle. Our experts ensure that we do the proper toilet leakage checks and repairs. From monitoring your toilet tanks, drains, to your flapper valve. We ensure that every part of your toilet is water leakage free.

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Roof & Ceiling Leakage

At times, roof leakage and ceiling leakage problems are not as simple as replacing a few shingles. Spotting the exact root of the problem is difficult because the water spot of the ceiling in the house may not be the same as of the roof.

Thus, we ensure that we look for the damages systematically even at the underside of the roof deck. Once the problem is located, we will rectify any structural damages and carry out the necessary repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The fastest way to tell is when you start to see water dripping from your walls and ceilings. It could be that your home’s waterproofing membrane or layer has already worn off.

Consider deconstructing and laying out all the parts. If you observe that there are deposits on the parts, then remove them by using white vinegar. Leakages are common, thus replacement may be needed at times.

There are several methods to repair ceiling leaks, depending on the severity of the leak. Either way, it is safer to approach a professional repairman to assess the severity and repair it according.

Firstly, remove the toilet tank lid, drop a dye tablet or food colouring into the tank. Place the lid back on but do not flush. Wait at least 15 minutes before looking into the bowl. If you see coloured liquid, you have a toilet leak.

There are plenty of causes of toilet leakage. Here are some examples of it – Leaking supply line, broken toilet tank, stuck toilet handle, faulty connections, faulty fill valve or a faulty float.

If you notice damp, musty odour, mold, cracks in walls or floors or water marks on walls, it is advisable to waterproof the area. Mold and bacteria will form, affecting the health of you and your loved ones.

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