About Us

As a young, emerging company in this industry, we learn to embrace technology and changes whilst staying true to methods that have been proven and tested over the decades to allow our clients greater freedom and options to customize and better plan their budget in carrying out renovation and repairs. Some of the places and clients which we have served over this 2 years includes :

BCA Certificate

Our Mission

"To provide our clients with cost effective and lasting solutions to their needs without compromising in the quality of the materials/products used whilst maintaining a high level customer service/response time to give an excellent overall consumer experience."

Our Vision

"To be the premier choice for all your building and home repairs."

Why Flux Solutions?

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    We offer quality products and services at competitive rates to make sure you get the best!

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    Customer service is our number 1 priority, our success has been attributed from providing an excellent consumer experience.

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    Our proper planning of manpower and resource means that you pay less for more!

Our Products

Flux Solutions Pte Ltd

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