Office reinstatement is the process of restoring an office premise back to its original condition before it can be handed back to the landlord. It is a mandatory procedure for any tenant and one that you should be familiar with if you do indeed rent a space for your business.

Why Will You Need Reinstatement Services

For starters, we will be exploring the importance of reinstatement contractors and services to businesses like yours.

All commercial tenancy agreements stipulate that you as the tenant must reinstate the premise back to its original condition before you can hand the premise back to your landlord.

Since you are contractually obligated to restore the premise, you are liable to having the reinstatement amount deducted from your deposit if you fail to do so. As such, no matter what you choose, your business will bear the cost of reinstatement.

Why Is Reinstatement Mandatory in Commercial Tenancy Agreements?

For a landlord to subset a premise out to a new tenant, the space should be ready for renovation by the new tenant. As such, landlords require that you as the old tenant make efforts to remove all modifications you have previously made and restore the office back to its original condition.

Basically, by having a space in its base original condition, new tenants can move in or modify it with no extra costs. As such, you would be paving way for the landlord to lease the space out to a new tenant as soon as possible.

How Reinstatement Contractors Help You?

Office reinstatement contractors help you to take out all the hassle of restoring the space. More than just merely performing the physical work of transforming the space, a good reinstatement contractor will help to liaise directly with the building management. In doing so, your involvement in the process can be minimized.

Since the reinstatement contractor handles every aspect of the project, you will be freed up to handle other important tasks that your business has.

The Scope of Works in Office Reinstatement

During the course of your tenancy, especially at the start, you likely made many modifications to the premise. In particular, you may have had partitioning, electrical and plumbing amenities installed.

Additionally, various pieces of furniture would have been moved in. All of these components will have to be removed and the space restored during reinstatement.

Removal of Electrical and Data Components

Your reinstatement contractor will likely be requested by your landlord to remove the following electrical components:

  • Distribution board and junction boxes
  • Lighting points, power points, telephone points and data points
  • All cable systems that you had previously installed.

Removal of Plumbing Components

Any pipes that were newly installed during your occupancy will have to be removed. Furthermore, before handing the premise back to the landlord, the existing piping will have to be in proper working condition.

As such, it is the job of the reinstating contractor to ensure that the premise’s original plumbing systems are restored and are in working condition.

Removal of Add-on Fire Safety Systems

If you have installed additional sprinklers and smoke detectors, then they will have to be removed as well. You may be puzzled by this condition as you perceive that extra safety systems would be desirable for the new tenant as well. However, depending on the nature of works conducted by the new tenant, such systems may be ineffective or a hinderance.

As such, your landlord will likely request that you remove these additional fire safety devices.

Removal of all Furniture

Two types of furniture will need to be accounted for – built in and loose items. Loose items such as your chairs, tables and couches will have to be moved off premise. If you are shifting to a new premise, you can request that the reinstatement contractor make arrangements for transporting your furniture over.

With regards to built in furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets, a good reinstatement contractor will take care to avoid damaging them during their removal. In particular, they will skillfully remove any hinges, nut bolts or adhesives that have sealed your furniture to the premise’s structure.

Removal of Partitions and False Ceilings

During your initial setup, you likely would have got your renovation contractor to sub-divide your workspace for operational reasons. False ceilings would also have been favored to hide cabling works or for the installation of ceiling appliances.

To restore the premise, your reinstatement contractor will have to hack down these installations while ensuring that no damage is dealt to it.

Removal of all Add-on Masonry Works

Similar to the removal of partitions and false ceilings, any installed blocks, brick walls, floor tiles or wall tiles will have to be removed. However, due to the heavy duty nature of these materials, demolition with hacking may be required to dislodge them.

Once dislodged, your reinstatement contractor will have to patch up all affected  areas and make good the premise’s condition.

Removal of Doors, Windows and Furnishings

All doors and windows that you have installed during your tenancy will have to be removed. This would include any visible mounting brackets and screws while their holes will also have to be patched up.

Restoring the Original Wall & Ceiling Colour

Typically, most office premises have a default white colour walls and ceiling. This helps to keep things simple for all parties. As such, if you have changed the colour of the walls through painting or the installation of wallpapers, your reinstatement efforts must include the restoration of white to them.

The Importance of Hiring a Good Office Reinstatement Contractor

We have alluded to this before, but we cannot stress enough the importance of working with a good reinstatement contractor.

A good reinstatement contractor will take extra care to ensure that the premise does not sustain any damage during the restoration process. Furthermore, they will be able to guide you through the process while requiring minimal work on your side.

Once the restoration has been completed, a joint inspection with the landlord can be performed. If the inspection is successful, then the reinstatement will be deemed completed and the premise can be handed over to the landlord.

Engage Flux Solutions as your Office Reinstatement Contractor

Flux Solutions has an experienced reinstatement team who makes sure safety the number one priority. We provide a hassle free and timely project completion while meeting the industry’s safety standards.

Our capabilities involve demolition work, which includes removal, hacking and disposing of the debris. After the dismantling and disposing process, usually there will be painting, flooring and ceiling adjustments. Lastly, we will do all the relocation, reinstatement and modification works.

Contact us to find out about our office reinstatement Singapore services today.