Roof Leakage Myths That Needs To Be Debunked

With the availability of the Internet, almost everyone already has an access to various kinds of information. There are many photos, articles or videos available on the net that talks about certain topics that are interesting to people. While this information are made available to us, it is important to check them twice or even thrice to ensure that what we are reading or checking is true. We must not easily believe the things we see on the net without actually confirming it.

The focus of this article is to point out the different myths concerning roof leakage and educating everyone why it needs to be disproved. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of these myths so that companies or professionals will not take advantage of you. It is important that you know some of the basics and truths about water leakage repair in order to widen your understanding about it.

Myth #1: A carpenter or a handyman can fix roof problems

This is the most important myth that needs to be debunked. Every homeowner must be fully aware that there is a distinction between a plain handyman and a licensed roofer. The former performs carpentry works inside the house while the latter is engaged in more complicated tasks concerning the roof. The distinction is important because different training and skills are required from each one of them. Moreover, the professional roofers have wider or bigger insurance coverage.

Myth #2: The leakage is covered by warranties since my roof is still new

The basis for this belief stems from the product warranties promised by different suppliers. Upon buying the roof, the sales agent would usually assure you that their company offers warranties to all their sold items for a limited period of time. Well, this is true but what others are not aware of is the fact that the warranty does not cover every trouble or problem.

A manufacturer of roof usually covers shingles only. Most of the time, the leakage is caused by the poor installation chosen by the buyers. This mistake in installing the roof to the house is no longer covered by company policy on warranty. Therefore, engaging the services of a licensed roofer is really necessary if you want to make your roof last long.

Myth #3: Replacing the shingles can solve the leakage

Once a leakage occurs, the first thing that is usually blamed is a defect in shingles. This is why the shingles are replaced right away. There are times when the replacement would work and sometimes not at all. This tells us that shingles are not always the problem. Take note that this component is only part of the roofing system. If the water already goes inside the comforts of your home, then the best thing to do is to call a trusted licensed roofer. When this happens, the trouble is no longer with the shingles but for some other reasons.

The services of a professional roofer can be a big help to every homeowner. As already emphasized above, learn to hire the right people. Do not compromise the quality of the service just because you prefer to pay lesser fee. You can still save some money if you know how to scout for the right licensed roofing company.

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