Waterproofing is a seldom thought of process of both your home’s construction and its upkeep. Yet, it is a critical instalment that safeguards your home from a surprising menace, that of water. In fact, a good majority of all reported property damages around the world each year are attributed to water leakage and seepage. If you are still not convinced, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will be covering 5 reasons why waterproofing is a must have investment for your home. Be it in terms of financials, property or health, your home will definitely need good waterproofing handiwork.

Saving on Utility Bills

Good waterproofing works help you to cut down on your utility bills in two ways.

Firstly, waterproofing can insulate your walls, thus providing a stable temperate throughout the day. As a result, the use for your electrical appliances such as air condition system will decrease. Recent studies show that homeowners that have proper waterproofing works carried out enjoy up to 10% savings from monthly electricity bill.

Secondly, internal pipe leakages would naturally result in increased water bills. While your pipe may only be leaking a few droplets of water at a time, given a sufficient period, you would actually have lost a significant amount of water. To check on the possibility of pipe leak, we recommend shutting off the water supply before observing your water meter. If you find it increasing over this period, then you should investigate further into where the leak is coming from.

Preventing the Formation of Moulds

Water that has penetrated your home creates a moist and damp environment which when combined with dark spaces lead to the formation of mould or even mildew. Two dangers arise from this.

Firstly, mould eats away at your home’s infrastructure leading to decay and the overall weakening of the structural integrity. This is why many experts warn of water penetration leading to the collapsing of ceilings, walls or even foundational structures such as pillars. At which point, due t0 the danger of a falling structure, anyone in the vicinity would need to be evacuated.

Secondly, for people with a weak immune system or sensitive respiratory systems, the presence of mould in your home can cause harm to their health.

Water Leakages can Damage your Furniture & Appliances

Any water leakages that reach your space can damage both your furniture and appliances. In much the same way that water allows for mould growth behind your walls, it also enables the same process when it reaches your furniture. This is why we recommend that in the event of a ceiling leakage, that you use a tarp to cover any prized sofas, tables or any other furniture.

The operation of electrical appliances also becomes a hazardous activity since water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Should water droplets from the leakage reach your appliances of power sockets, a short circuit might be formed, thus causing your circuit breaker to trip to keep your home safe. However, this may not be sufficient to keep your individual appliances from breaking down.

Improving the Quality of Air Inside your Home

Mould is not the only factor that causes a decline in health during a water leakage. Rather, a damp environment can also lead to health issues due to the presence of microorganisms. These microorganisms are dangerous for your children as they have a low immune system. Waterproofing can prevent the accumulation of water inside your house. As a result, you would not suffer from the nasty smell or consequence of a damp air.

Water Leakages are Difficult to Trace

The fifth reason why you should invest in waterproofing is that once water has successfully penetrated into your home’s infrastructure, it becomes really difficult to stop. This is due primarily to three reasons.

Being a highly mobile liquid, water can fit through the smallest of gaps, even if it is not visible to the human eye. Be it from your roof, basement or even an internal area such as your bathroom, water just has the uncanny ability to get to your home’s structure.

Once water has penetrated, it flows through any part of your home as moisture, going through the many pores in your building’s materials. Furthermore, it is aided by capillary forces that allow it to move in any direction. As such, water seepage from your basement could lead to an accumulation of moisture in the area above your ceiling.

Yet, water does not deal its damage immediately. Rather, it enables of mould and decay only shows up after a period of time. This means that by the time you would have identified a water leakage in your home, water and moisture may have travelled to many different parts.

When combined together, you can get a good idea of why it is so difficult to identify the areas of your home that is harbouring damp, let alone the initial point of penetration.

What to do in the Event of a Water Leakage

Should you suspect that your home has a leakage, you should immediately engage waterproofing contractor Singapore services. Rather then waiting or delaying the fixing of the leak, an immediate engagement would help to limit the damage that water can deal to your home. Bearing in mind that the effect of water on your home is cumulative and can lead to drastic consequences.

While waiting for help from professionals, we advise that you cover all furniture with a water-resistant material while also avoiding the area with the suspected water accumulation. This will keep you and your family safe till the contractors can diagnose the situation and provide repairs.

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